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Residential & Commercial Landscaping Services in Calgary

Landscape Construction

Custom Landscape Construction

At Capers West we like to create a new look for your property that maximizes the space available. We provide full landscape construction services in established Calgary and area neighbourhoods.


Tree Care

Tree Pruning & Removal Services

Professional tree care services keep your trees looking good, while also providing early detection of any diseases or issues. At Capers West, we provide tree planting, pruning and tree removal services in Calgary.


Brick & Stone

Custom Stone & Brickwork

People have long enjoyed spending warm days and evenings outdoors and taking in the scenery around them. Custom masonry and landscaping can turn your yard or commercial property into your personal sanctuary to escape from it all.



Custom Fencing Solutions

Our team at Capers West works with all kinds of fencing materials including wood, aluminum and chain link fencing for commercial and residential properties in Calgary and area. We provide free quotes on our fencing solutions.

Landscape Construction

Calgary Landscape Construction Services

At Capers West Landscaping & Tree Service, we specialize in hardscaping, which means implementing man-made features such as pathways and retaining walls to accentuate the vegetation on your property. Sometimes adding a stone pathway, a raised garden bed or a retaining wall can transform your property.

A lot of the work we do for our clients in and around Calgary is refurbishing their existing landscape structure. By starting from scratch we’re able to get right to the root of the design and create something unique and one of a kind. However, you don’t always need to start from the beginning. We work with each client to determine their needs on an individual basis.

Our team considers things like where and when the sun hits your property, and what you want to use the space for. If you have young children or pets, we want to make sure the end result is as friendly as possible for them. Our goal at Capers West is to create a custom landscape construction that turns your property into the welcoming, outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed of.

Tree Pruning & Removal

Calgary Tree Removal and Pruning Services

In addition to the environmental benefits of trees, there’s also a certain aesthetic appeal to lush greenery. At Capers West, our professional tree services include planting, pruning, tree and stump removal and general care and maintenance.

When it comes time to prune or trim your tree, we encourage people to wait until fall or winter. While a tree is dormant it’s easier for us to look for disease or deadwood. When a tree is lush and full, sometimes it can be tougher to see the disease or catch it all. However, though fall or winter pruning is ideal for many species of trees, Calgary is home to some that should be maintained the summer as well. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest trees are pruned every two to three years.

Our tree experts are also able to help with tree removal. We can get your tree cut down safely, without damaging the property or infrastructure around it. We’ll then use a stump grinder and lay fresh sod to remove any signs the tree was ever there. A common question we’re asked is where shrubs and trees should be planted on a landscape. There are several factors that should be considered, which is why we always recommend starting with a consultation so we can get a lay of the land. Reach out to our tree experts today.

Professional Landscaping

For Your Home or Commercial Property

Brick & Stone Services

Calgary Brick Work Services

An integral part of hardscaping is implementing brick or stone masonry features throughout a property. One of the simplest, yet most appealing ways to do this is with retaining walls. A retaining wall can be made of brick, concrete, natural stone or wood. While a retaining wall commonly is used to even out a landscape, or prevent soil from shifting too much with erosion, it can also be used to create raised garden beds.

Stone work, whether it’s used on the property itself, or is strategically placed throughout your landscape construction, can add a touch of class and sophistication to the exterior of a home. Done right, it ties in with the natural vegetation, accentuating the overall look of your property.

At Capers West, we commonly work with precast brick and natural stone on commercial and residential projects. Our landscape company in Calgary has the team and years of experience to do each job to the highest quality standards, leaving you with a property you can be proud of for years to come.

We specialize in brick paver patios, walkways and precast stone walls. Capers West has also built many walls with pressure treated lumber and even galvanized steel baskets called Gabion walls or wire wall systems.

Fence Services

Calgary Fence Installation and Services

It doesn’t matter how good your yard looks if your fence is falling apart, leaning or is just generally in a state of disrepair. A good quality fence adds to the overall appeal of your property, while also providing a safety factor for young children and pets. A fence can be incorporated into your overall landscape construction design and becomes the perfect place to add a trellis for plants, or landscape lighting.

At Capers West we provide affordable and functional residential, commercial and agricultural decking solutions for Calgary and area. Not sure exactly what you want in terms of style of materials? Our team will meet with you and provide options that we think will look best on your property and will stand the test of time. We work with all types of fencing materials including wood, aluminium and chain link.

Wood fencing offers more privacy and security for your property. It has long been a popular choice of homeowners for a reason. It can help control wind, noise and even sunlight if you need a shady area for a hot summer’s day.

Galvanized steel or full colour chain link fences are commonly seen at sporting fields and on commercial and industrial properties. It’s easy to install and an access control system can be added so that different gate styles can be used. If you have a view of an open green space, a chain link fence on a residential property allows you to enjoy the view while still offering security and protection for your home.

Our aluminum fencing options give a unique sense of style to a residential or commercial property. It’s similar to chain link fencing in the sense that it provides the security you want, while still allowing you to see the outside world. Aluminum fencing can be customized for your property.