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Midnapore Lake Front Landscape

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In Midnapore we had a client looking to revamp the existing entertainment area to include newer style brick for both the brick paver patio area and the brick wall retaining the grades behind it. We had no machine access for the project and relied on manually hauling and delivering all materials for the project using a wheel barrow. It’s not uncommon for Capers West to have no machine access on some of our projects as we work in a lot of established, mature neighbourhoods in Calgary.

Prior to beginning the project, we took the client to pick out the brick paver stone and retaining wall stone as per her request. After taking down the existing wall we realized there was no proper drainage system in place, so we added drainage into the new wall system and added 6 inches of height to the patio to help separate the patio from the edge of the waterfront area ( this allowed the clients to have a retained edge up against the rocks on the beach and it also provided a strong weed barrier.) We were also asked to incorporate a small sandbox area for families with small kids who visit the property from time to time.

We were able to reuse the existing wall stone to set the base for the new wall system therefore cutting costs of new materials being brought in. We then installed new wall stone and caps to create an entirely new wall system and installed a dimensional stone patio to give the project a more modern look and feel.

As well as increasing the height of the patio itself, we had to address the cobblestone brick edge running north and south from the patio area. This cobble stone edge was very uneven, and grass and weeds were growing through it. We discussed options with the homeowners and decided to run one layer of wall stone plus cap stone from the patio to the north and south property line fences. This again provided a strong border edge separating lawn areas from the shore line and created a weed barrier.